MS in Sustainable Agriculture

We are now receiving applications for admission to MS in Sustainable Agriculture | Semester: July – December 2015

Online Application Deadline: 31 May 2015

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Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) has been offering undergraduate and post-graduate educations in six disciplines of agriculture. All of the degree programs are mostly aimed at increasing agricultural production of the country in the field of crop, fish and livestock. Interdisciplinary interactions and integrations have not been given due attentions. As a result there has been lacks of skilled manpower in the country who can deal with the new problems arising from the complex interactions and conflicts among the crop-fish-water sector. To address it Interdisciplinary Centre for Food Security (ICF), a new centre, has been established in collaboration with the Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University, Netherlands at BAU with an objective to produce skilled manpower in the field of food security and to carry out interdisciplinary field and action research in sustainable agriculture.

Graduate Profile

The program qualifies the graduate to a diverse international sector that holds many opportunities for professional jobs. Sectors of relevance are –

1) development agencies with national and international scope where graduates are involved in implementing, managing and monitoring various participatory development activities,

2) government bodies where graduates are involved in agricultural innovations, and

3) private companies, consultancies dealing with multiple land use, livelihood improvement and/or food production chains issues.

Program Profile

MS in Sustainable agriculture offers a unique blend of theory and practice focusing on learning for action. It is using multiple disciplines (i.e., environmental, animal, plant and social sciences), multiple perspectives and different geographical scales (local, regional and global). It is intended that the program prepares students for a wide range of positions in relation to multiple land uses, livelihood improvement and food production chains in Bangladesh. The MS program in Sustainable Agriculture encompasses all critical aspects of agricultural development activities, from rural livelihood strategies to managing farming system synergies. The learning approach is a combination of field related experiences, learning about social rural structures and methods related to data collection in complex real life situations. The Sustainable Agriculture program is a combination of:

  • interdisciplinary compulsory courses which facilitate learning about sustainable agriculture;
  • an interdisciplinary field-oriented part which includes training under a variety of field conditions combined with training in agricultural innovation via improved value chain management, coupled with local capacity building via agricultural extension, facilitation of communal resource management and farmer cooperation;
  • an elective part which facilitates specialization;
  • the practicum, which includes curricular practical training in the field.

Program Duration

The program is designed for three semesters (6 months each). In the first two semesters students will attend a total of 17 credits courses per semester. The third semester will be ‘practicum’ semester consisting of 10 credits. A maximum of five semesters will be allowed to complete the degree.

Admission & Enrollment

Candidates for admission into MS in Sustainable Agriculture program must possess a Bachelor of Science or DVM degree from this university or an equivalent degree from other public university.

Candidates having a Bachelor Degree in credit-course system must have secured a minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or 3.5 out of 5.0 and a B grade/50% marks in annual system.

Students applying for MS in Sustainable Agriculture will be registered under ICF. Examinations and all other related activities of MS courses will also be conducted under ICF. Semester and final results will be published by the Examination Section of the university. Upon completion of degree, students will be awarded with certificates signed jointly by the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar.